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 soal o javab haye user haye named.ir

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PostSubject: soal o javab haye user haye named.ir    July 4th 2013, 9:41 am

» ★☆♀wellcome to the most powerfull&first IRANIAN server♀☆★

°。hi dear user,welcome to named.ir the first iranian server.this is a server for chat,entertainmant,love,friendship.......

°。first we wanna introduce the main human of this server(owner&admins)
。°owner: mahan@named.ir
。°hero@named.ir alireza@named.ir kinh@named.ir own@named.ir lord@named.ir
and i am the translator of the server cj@named.ir

we wanna teach you to use this server as the best ways.

⊙ αttention:this server is free for everyone and nobody ,never ever can sell an idi or room,if u do this.u will ban from your ip of this server. dont do this

㊣ these are some popular question that user asked from us

※1 how we can make an idi?
±2 can we connect to nimbuzz with our idis?
π3 what is the named.ir rooms host?
♂4 how can make an idi with bombus QD
♀5 how can we make rooms?
【6 what is the main room of server?
×7 have this server any weblog?
☆8how we can make idi with bombus

®thes are the popular question that user asked from us,this is the answer

※ answer que 1: dear user,u can maked your idi with your bombus,you bombus should have register account part,you should make idi in 10 min to 10 min

±the answer que 2:dear user answer is N0,nimbuzz team dont raise us to connect our idis to nimbuzz server

π the answer que 3: host of the named.ir is" conference.named.ir" u can see us in these rooms
suppor@c.n.i(asked ur que here)

♂the answer que 4:for android user:
1 on your bombus QD
2 select the registration part
3 then u should select the jabber.ru server
4 in first box(usernamed) write this idi@named.ir
5 in this box u should write a password
6 if u see the word 'Done' ur idi created;)
7 for go to room. do like this
8 option>service>conference>tehran@named.ir
9 u join 2 my room
10 enjoy named.ir

♀answer que 5:dear user, as we saw Háçk rooms in nimbuzz,in this server u cannot make any rooms,but u can call the admins(king,alireza,hero,own,lord)sorry:lol:

【answer que 6: dear user this server has 3 main room, iran@c.n.i, tehran@c.n.i, support@c.n.i

×answer que 7:yes,of course http://lord.yu.tl is lord@n.i(puria) weblog

☆answer que 8: ehem, my friends do like my way 2 creat ur id:
option>account setting> new account>
usernamed: your idi in named( ex cj)
password: your password in server (ex 123)
server: named.ir
register account: mark this part
if your bom doesnt have this part change your account

**Admin Team** we wanna make place comfortable for you

 be dustane khod + bedaHid  
avval be man bedina lol!  lol! 
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soal o javab haye user haye named.ir
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